How To Send Money To Our Organization

As you might know, we are a non-profit organization which means that we are not making any money from helping out these military people. It would be a very sad thing to take advantage of these people and their health problems. Dealing with PTSD is a very common thing when leaving the military, in fact, that is one of the reasons why some people have no other choice but to leave it. People are traumatized by some of the images they have seen on the battlefield and only professional help can save them. We are here to provide them with professional help and they don’t have to pay anything for our services.


You might have seen that we are ready to train new volunteers who are willing to work for us, that is because we need more people in order to provide a wider range of services. Helping these people and providing our services requires certain expenses that we need to cover and without any profit coming in we are having a difficult time. That’s why we are hoping that people are willing to help us out by sending money to our organization to further improve our services. If you want to help us out and send some money, make sure to follow the steps below.

Great Cause

Some people might ask why they should send us money, well the answer is that you are not helping us by sending that money, but you are helping these military people to get better and get over their PTSD or substance addiction. It is just like sending money to a charity, we are using that money to buy things that are necessary for treating these people. Our team of people consists of only volunteers, which means they all work for free and we are very fortunate to have them with us because without them we wouldn’t be able to do this.

US-military new

The process of sending us money is really simple, you can find our account number on our website where you need to send the money. simple as that, you don’t need anything special to do this, just a bank account and make the transfer. Any amount that you can afford is well appreciated and will be used to help these military people with PTSD and substance abuse. If you never helped out an organization like this before, this is your chance to do it.