Main Symptoms Of PTSD

Recurring Traumatic Memories

Having to deal with PTSD symptoms is something that nobody wants to experience because this disorder can affect your entire life and you can change as a person. If you don’t know what some of the main symptoms of PTSD are, then you are in the right place to find that out. The first symptom that you need to look out for is having recurring traumatic memories. If you have experienced some very traumatic thing in your life, such as seeing another person die from an accident can scar you for life and cause you to have PTSD. If you have experienced something traumatic and you just cannot stop thinking about that particular moment, then you definitely have PTSD without a doubt.


People who were in the military are most commonly affected by this particular symptom because they are constantly exposed to traumatic events. Some people just cannot take all that pressure and they just have a huge breakdown. In order to heal these memories, you have to go to some therapies.

Bad Dreams

This symptom is closely related to the previously mentioned one, however, in this one, you will have those memories during your sleep time. Having to deal with nightmares like these isn’t something you need to ignore. Make sure to visit some mental health clinic about these nightmares.


There are a lot of people with PTSD who just don’t want to speak about their traumatic memory and they will do anything to avoid talking to other people about it. It is a very common symptom to be scared and to avoid talking with other people, especially when you have a very intense case of PTSD. This symptom is one of the first signs that you can pick up from your friend who has PTSD, you will see that they don’t want to talk to you as much or they are not that open about sharing with you.


If you experience this at some point with your friend, make sure to ask them directly is there any memory that has traumatized them and if there is, then ask them to talk about it. In most cases, it will not work because they are having some really bad PTSD, in that case, you need to forward them to some professional mental health clinic where they can get the right treatment and get better in no time.