Request A Name


Request a name is not available at this time. Thank you so much for checking back. We will post names as soon as we get them, so please check back.

Here’s how you can help, right now.

Note to Volunteers: The Pentagon has a great website letting the military know what you are doing to help keep the morale of the soldiers at its peak. When you sign up for a name or donate to our organization, please go to and register.

Tell them what you are doing to support the troops, tell them about signing up with our organization or what you are sending to the soldiers. They are putting YOUR stories on the web for the soldiers to read. You do not need to give your name unless you would like to have a dog tag sent to you free with “America Supports You” on it.

We cannot touch all the soldiers on active duty or on American soil, but this will give them an opportunity to read about the unity of America behind each and every one of them.

Thank you,
Operation Military Support Board