Support Our Troops

“Support our Troops” is considered as the most popular slogan that is typically used in Canada and United States which refers to the military troops or forces of each country. The said slogan has been utilized during certain recent conflicts such as the Iraq war and Gulf war. It is sometimes considered as over-generalizing complicated issues in a case like a certain individual might support personnel into the military and so not the current respective foreign policy of the government.

There are numbers of meanings that could be associated with the said slogan wherein many people are into slapping on their trucks, cars and SUVs being in the form of magnetic ribbon. For some, the slogan means as beginning and ending of their support having a ribbon costing few bucks. But the said support could also descend into a form of narcissism. For other people, the slogan could be too personal. It could be the support to be aided to family members that is into the military that might be deployed far from their homes or to places wherein great danger could happen just to defend constitution and country from enemies. Sacrifices of these individuals must be recommended and so must not be taken lightly.

The Deeper Meaning

But if we are to consider deeper meaning of the slogan “Support our Troops” it would not only mean any unquestioned support from the government’s decisions and also its wars. It is believed that Americans are considered to be uncomfortable with dissent particularly once the troops are being committed on the field. But that case is exactly the moment that we need to express or so to tolerate dissent. It is considered that freedom of speech is what the lifeblood of democracy even when the said slogan could be critical in terms of government decisions and might put those young Americans in harm ways due to people’s name.

Awareness ribbons with regards to the said slogan could be in red, yellow and combinations of white, red and blue. The ribbons having combinations of white, red and blue stands for United States patriotism, the red one is for Armed Forces support or Canadian Patriotism and so the yellow one is for the return of Armed forces. Yellow Ribbon having the slogan “Support Our Troops” is considered as registered trademark from the Minister of National Defence of Canada or MNDC being administered through Canadian Forces Personnel and Family Supports Services or CFPFSS in associated with the Canadian Forces members. And due to that, yellow ribbon with the said slogan is considered as protected image which could only be used having explicit permission of the CFPFSS. It is as well considered as available into all of the divisions of the CFPFSS both support and operational in order for their own and direct purposes both non-public and public.

The only and official vendor of the said authorized merchandise as well as apparel which features the ribbon is the CANEX. In addition, the Yellow Ribbon Image could not be utilized by any of third party for certain purposes like advertising products and services. Its usage is as well only authorized in connection with the “Support Our Troops” sponsorship or fundraising activities and events. CANEX together with the Service Ontario made Ontario vanity license plates that feature the Yellow Ribbon which is the slogan’s logo. Yellow ribbon is a symbol that depicts numbers of meanings wherein are mostly associated with the idea of waiting for the return of the military troops that are considered to be unable of coming home temporarily. In addition, the official banner that could be displayed by the family members of the military troops during any phase of hostilities and war is called as Service Flag in United States.


We cannot deny the fact that military troops could be on great dangers though not being deployed and especially once deployed on field to fight against numbers of enemies. The said slogan becomes popular at the same time it becomes controversial due to numbers of criticisms that it got from critics. For many people, it means a lot especially for those having family members included in the troops. That’s why the slogan “support our troops” as well means a lot to them knowing that it could greatly help their loved ones and so would wait up until they are to return.