Military And Veteran Support

We are an organization with the goal to support military people such as veterans who are struggling with issues such as PTSD or substance addiction.

About OMS

Our organization is designed to help out military people by providing them various services and treatments for both PTSD and substance abuse. We have many years of experience and we have helped out a lot of people get back on their feet and start living a normal life once again. 

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What Our Organization Does

This organization has one mission and that is helping as many military people with PTSD or substance abuse problems to get back on track and start living a normal life. After leaving the military, it can be really traumatic and difficult to get back to your old life, but that’s why our organization is here.

What You Can Do to Help


If you really want to help and contribute to our organization, then you can apply to volunteer and start helping these people. You will get a proper training in order to be prepared for this type of work.

Donate Money

Donating money is also a great way of helping our organization because we need every dollar that you can spare. We are using that money to buy new equipment and further improve the services that we provide.

Share Our Mission

Sharing our mission and goal with other people is always appreciated because the more people know about us, the more people we can help out.


Stay Informed